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Flood Insurance

Associated Agents Insurance provides flood insurance to both our personal homeowners clients as well as our commercial customers.

In Colorado, flood may seem like a very unlikely event. However, it doesn’t take a hurricane to create a flood scenario. It just takes a few inches of rain in a short period of time. If our weather is anything in Colorado, it’s unpredictable. We can go from draught to flood-like conditions and then back to draught in short order.

Important issues to understand:

  • Your homeowners or commercial policy doesn’t automatically cover flood. In fact, it’s specifically excluded.
  • The only way to protect your property against flood is through a flood insurance policy
  • You should work with an agent that understands flood insurance-including what triggers coverage under the policy and how to properly insure both your building, home & contents.

We have written more flood policies over the last few years than in the prior decade. Part of the reason is more lenders are checking flood plain areas more carefully before extending credit. However, don’t rely on lender requirements alone. Even if your lender doesn’t require flood insurance, you may still need this coverage.

Let us find the right solution for your flood insurance needs. We have several markets including Travelers, Hartford, and AutoOwners Insurance that provide competitive and prompt quotes. We also partner with engineering firms that can provide elevation certificates. These certificates are used in the rating/pricing of flood policies. In a few recent cases, we have been able to provide accurate elevation information saving the client thousands of dollars in unnecessary flood premiums. Each situation is unique. Find out now and know for certain whether you need this coverage or not. After the loss, it’s too late.

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