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Auto Insurance

Whenever possible, combining your auto & home policy makes even greater sense these days. Our carriers are applying greater multi-policy credits to encourage combining policies with one carrier. But we also have markets available when driving records may not be the best or when you have youthful drivers. Let us make the insurance shopping easy and understandable for you.

When shopping online for insurance or with a “name your price” insurance, you may miss important coverages. For instance, when the 18 year old driver without insurance is texting and slams into the back of your car you better hope you selected “uninsured motorist” coverage when you did your “name your price” quote.

Let us make sure you are properly covered for the premium you are paying. We have carriers that offer “full glass” coverage now for your windshield so you don’t want to miss important and inexpensive options either.

We also insure your motorcycles, motor-homes, RVs, golf carts, and ATVs.

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