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Workers' Compensation

Associated Agents Insurance provides workers compensation through our standard market like Travelers, Hartford, and Liberty Mutual as well as through our specialized workers compensation markets of Pinnacol, Employers and FirstComp.

Rates are starting to increase in Colorado and nationwide after several years of premium decreases. It pays to not only compare your rates but to also work with an agent & carrier that understands your business. This means you have the correct classifications for the various functions in your business.

Workers Compensation rules can be tricky to understand but can cost you plenty if your business is not written correctly. If you need help deciphering an experience mod worksheet, let us help.

Did you know it costs you nothing to work with an experienced agent that can you navigate through your workers compensation issues versus working directly with Pinnacol? The rates are the same!

We help you:

  • Get the correct classifications for your business
  • Find the right insurance market Understand and manage the experience mod process
  • Obtain cost containment certification when appropriate
  • As your advocate in claims situations
  • With policy audits so that you are not over-charged
  • Utilize loss control to keep your workplace safe and you long term costs as low as possible


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